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Trailblazing Your Content Marketing Strategy with Justin Champion [video]

Posted by Logan Mayville

Jun 12, 2018 8:43:29 AM


Content marketing—everybody's doing it, but not everybody has an effective strategy. 

Justin Champion, Principal Inbound Professor at the HubSpot Academy and author of Inbound Content: A Step-by-Step Guide To Doing Content Marketing the Inbound Way, is no stranger to the challenges of content marketing. 

In fact, he travels the country with a fully loaded Airstream hosting interactive workshops to help organizations form effective content strategies, and he's hosting one in the Sacramento area on June 26

Read the details and register for this free event here

But today, Alycia Deus and I were lucky enough to sit down with Justin and discuss a few of the finer points of content marketing and get the inside scoop on what you can expect at his workshop. Here's the full interview:

TL;DR—here are a few highlights from our chat:

  • What's your definition of "content marketing?" (2:41)
  • Is content marketing better for B2B, or B2C? (3:50)
  • What role does paid media play in content marketing? Also known as "Donkeys vs. Unicorns... (7:04)
  • What are people going to learn at your live workshop? (12:11)
  • Do you have to be a HubSpot customer to get value out of this workshop? [No] (14:42)
  • Can you share any insights about HubSpot's own content marketing strategy? (16:06)
  • Practice what you preach! (19:10)
  • How to prepare and get the most out of this workshop (21:29)

Here's how you can follow Justin: 

Don't forget to register for this live, interactive content marketing workshop on June 26! 

Register now!



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