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The 'Write' Stuff For Your Marketing Funnels [March HUG Seminar Details]

Posted by Logan Mayville

Mar 6, 2017 2:06:46 PM

Funnels, buyer journeys, customer maps… we know the pieces involved with inbound marketing but what do you actually publish? And does it matter what you write?

The 'Write' Stuff.png

The answer to that is likely hidden in your conversion rates. Marketers who embrace their customers and understand their various paths to sales will tell you, "Yes, a marketing funnel is a indeed real thing," and "Yes, you can improve conversion rates by acknowledging it and creating relevant content."

According to a study of B2B marketers from Ascend2, however, 59% of respondents say creating relevant content for the purpose of lead generation is the biggest obstacle to success. 

That’s where we come in!

Join us on March 16 at 6:00PM at Blast Analytics & Marketing in Rocklin for our free presentation, Writing Content for Every Stage of the Marketing Funnel



This seminar will be divided into two sections

First, copywriter and content strategist Logan Mayville will explain how to apply content to various buyer stages, a.k.a. the Top, Middle, and Bottom of the marketing funnel. You’ll learn:

  • What to write about at each stage
  • How to find what to write about
  • The format and tone for each piece of content
  • Some experiences from the front lines of inbound content production (writing)

Run time: 6:30 - 7PM

[Click here to read the event details and register]

After that presentation we’ll jump into a Q&A with Tod Hirsch, Senior Content Marketing Strategist & SEO from Blast Analytics & Marketing, who will answer questions about the role of analytics in content marketing and how to track and measure ROI. Josh Unfried from WindFarm Marketing will moderate. 

Run time: 7PM - 7:30PM

Drinks, snacks, and networking will precede and follow the educational content.

Who is this event for?

By using a combination of theory and practice, we hope to deliver content that is useful for most levels of marketing and communication practitioners. The content is not platform-specific—if you have an Internet connection, you should be able to apply what you learn in almost any capacity.

Why should you attend?

Mapping quality content to the different stages of you buyers journey is the key to increased conversion rates, sales, and happiness. Let’s discuss how to do that together.




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