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Sac HUG June Meetup Recap - Buyer Personas

Posted by Logan Mayville

Jul 6, 2017 12:08:17 PM


Hi there HUG attendees and blog readers! 

Thanks for coming out (or reading about!) our June HUG meetup at Outlet Coworking in Midtown Sacramento. The discussion of the night—Buyer Personas

Building and maintaining buyer personas is like having an editor for your marketing campaigns—they can warn you when you become too product or company specific and guide you toward salvation—the needs and context of your buyers.

Presenting first was Tessa Bicard, Inbound Marketing Consultant from WindFarm Marketing

Intro to Buyer Personas

In her presentation, Tessa outlines a few key points:

  • What are Buyer Personas?
  • The Connection to your Marketing 
  • Does my Business Need Buyer Personas?

To request Tessa's presentation slides, please email her at

Next up was Kimberly Burns, also an Inbound Marketing Consultant from WindFarm Marketing

Buyer Personas: How To

In her presentation, Kimberly outlines a few key points:

  • The Process of Developing a Buyer Persona
  • Why are Buyer Personas so Important?
  • How to Create your own Buyer Persona

To request Kimberly's presentation slides, please email her at


We hope all those that attended enjoyed the content and will be back for more! 

If you're new around here, please subscribe to our blog for updates about our next event. See you soon!



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